Each artist has one project that he or she works on long term while other projects come and go. Mine has been a new version of The Count of Monte Cristo.

I've always thought it would make a great stage musical ever since I saw the 1970's TV-movie version of it with Richard Chamberlain, and later researched the 1500-page novel by Alexandre Dumas.

Chamberlain stars as Edmond Dantes, a handsome young sailor with a prosperous life before him but who, through his goodness and honesty, makes a few enemies.

On the eve of his wedding, Dantes is framed by his enemies who claim he is a Bonapartist spy. He is imprisoned by another conspirator and sent to die in the Chateau d'If. He manages to escape, find the treasure of Monte Cristo, become the mysterious Count, and exact revenge on those who sent him to prison.

While there have doubtless been hundreds of adaptations of this classic tale, none have been successful on a large scale. So there's obviously room for one more adaptation.

And who knows ... ?


Pledge of the Heart  Vocals by Barbara Reynolds & Tim Reynolds
Through My Eyes  Vocal by Tim Reynolds
Mine  Vocals by Robert Bergman, Will Perez and Jay Steele
Just Me   Vocals by Will Perez & Lisa Burich
Gone  Vocal by Barbara Reynolds
My Heart Sees You  Vocal by Mary Melnick
What Have I Done? Part I
Vocals by Robert Bergman, Will Perez and Jay Steele
Wait and Hope  Vocal by Molly Thornton
What Have I Done? Part II  Vocal by Tim Reynolds
Love Never Returns Vocal by Barbara Reynolds