CD Lyric Booklet

CD Lyric Booklet (Large)

Well, I threatened to do it for a few years, and I finally have. My first CD. And a holiday one at that!

Decembrance was a fairly big surprise to me. Of all the kinds of songs I've written over three decades, I've rarely ever tried to write original holiday music and lyrics.

Then, in November 2006, I suddenly started composing them, and I couldn't stop. It was too late last year for me to finish enough songs for an album, and even more importantly to collect the wonderful vocalists you're about to hear on this CD. (I hadn't even met two of them yet!)

So over this past year, I wrote a few more songs and put together this somewhat eclectic mixture of romantic, light-hearted, nostalgic, traditional and humorous songs for December.

Despite being self-produced, there are a zillion people to thank in the making of this CD.

On this page, I want to acknowledge my wonderful singers and musicians: Kristin Brownstone, Molly Thornton Carter, Karen DeHart, Brad Handshy, Mary Melnick, Barbara Reynolds, Tim Reynolds, and Michael Rhone, who always graciously plunge right in each time I bring them a new song.

Not available commercially, there are some samples of each song below. (If you'd really like a copy of the entire CD, drop me an e-mail. We can probably work something out)


Christmas Is You  Vocal by Tim Reynolds
I Remember Your Heart  Vocal by Molly Thornton
A Child Waits  Vocal by Mary Melnick
If Not for You  Vocal by Mary Melnick
Our Christmas Dance  Vocal by Michael Rhone
Jingle in My Pants  Vocal by "Kermit the Frog"
Across the Way
Vocal by Barbara Reynolds   Piano by Brad Handshy
How Much Did You Spend on Me This Christmas?
Vocal by Kristin Brownstone
Snowfall  Piano Solo by Ted Kopulos
Who Ate the Milk and Cookies?  Vocal by Karen DeHart