June 2017: Another year gone by.
Two biggest pieces of news: I produced Decembrance again last December (2016) after a two-year break.
It was in a great (and much more intimate) venue, run by my friend, Jeff Ringgold.
And (sound the trumpets) I finally finished a complete draft AND score of my adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.
So now, the frequent taskafter I finish a script or score -- what do I do with it?

June 2016: No updates for seven years. Hmmm ... well, I produced a revue of my holiday tunes
called Decembrance in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The cast was great. I produced a fourth version of
my other songs called Out of My Trunk, Out of My Mind 4 Sure, and in 2014 I entered one of my songs in
the first annual Davenport Songwriting contest, held by Tony-Award winning Broadway producer Ken Davenport.
My song, "We're the Only Real Actors in this Show", made the ten finalists and was sung in his theater
in the Broadway district by two San Joseans gone Broadway: Gary DeMattei and Craig Waletzko
They did great ... and I finally made it to New York and Broadway at age 58.

July 2009: I haven't updated this page in a YEAR? Anyway ...
my newest work is a satire of all those super clean-cut touring groups of the late 60's and early 70's.
THE POPTIMISTS will play the first two weeks of December at the Theater on San Pedro Square
in downtown San Jose. To read more about the show, click

July 2008: Had a third evening of my music and lyrics on the 25th and 27th.
OUT OF MY TRUNK, OUT OF MY MIND 3-D was a lot of fun and this time I had ELEVEN terrific performers
who are also dear friends
. A nice, small theater, but the modest crowds were very responsive
and we all had a lot of fun and very nice comments.

Sandwiched inbetween the two performances was my fifth annual high school reunion
for all the Classes of the 1970's. Had a packed pizzeria this year
and may move back to our high school for the one next year.

 February 2008: Well, as I still ponder the options for my next mini-career, I decided to see
if I could write an entire score in two weeks. No. I couldn't. But I might be able to finish it in four weeks.
Won't tell you what the project is, but it's silly, fun and out there. My favorite kind.
By the way, if you see me and my Casio keyboard at a red light or at the end of an off-ramp later this spring,
buy my pencils, will ya? I'm not a veteran, but I'll write you a fun song before the light turns green.

September 2007: Like any good artist (well, bad ones, too) occasionally we find ourselves between day jobs.
I find myself in that position again for the first time six years. I got laid off on the 10th and am
looking for anything in the arts, administrative support, IT support, graphic design
or virtually any kind of writing (creative, journalistic, arts, business, technical).
Will post some updated resumes soon. Meanwhile, let me know if you hear of anything.

August 2007:
Well, another birth year has gone by. Took a week off from work, but stayed home this year
after two mostly disappointing trips the last two years to Reno/Tahoe and Las Vegas.
The annual high school reunion was okay this year. a lot of new folks, but still only about 25-30 total.
But had a lot of fun that weekend!
After a creative burst of about 18 months, I've kind of stalled -- well, by MY standards.
I continue composing new holiday songs for my proposed holiday CD this year,
but work on my big project has come to a standstill. Maybe just a summer funk.

April 2007: Had a sneak preview of my score for my newest project at the Theatre on San Pedro Square.
We decided to go formal in tuxes and evening gowns -- er, MEN in tuxes WOMEN in evening gowns.
Nice reception from the two audiences, and I took a lot of production notes.
Keep fighting off ideas for other shows while I try to finish THIS one,
and prepare a holiday CD with all original songs and vocals by my friends.

January/February 2007: Work continues on my most complex project to date.
HERE to get a sneak preview. Will have a live sneak preview on April 6th and 7th at the Theatre on San Pedro Square.
Come back for more details the end of February.

December 2006: Completed six holidays songs and sent out a limited number of copies on DVD.
I was too late to record vocals, so I created sort of "karaoke" versions of them.
Will try to do a full album for Christmas 2007 on CD.

October/November, 2006: Work resumes on my musical adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo. Now that Dot You! has closed for the time being, and my nephew Sean has married his wonderful wife, Beth, I'll be getting back to it as often as I can. I'm also finishing up this year's holiday song: "Christmas Is You".

August/September 2006: I'm ecstatic to report that my musical revue Dot You! (A Musical Jab at the Last Three Years of the 20th Century) opened March 30th for an initial one-weekend "break-in" run. The show returned for a two-weekend run on August 24-27 and September 7-10 at Theatre on San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose.
As I've told a number of friends, the crowds were "bigger than I expected, but smaller than I had hoped for." nevertheless, it seemed as if almost everyone who saw it had a good time. And the cast was, of course, just amazing. I hope to be bringing it back again later this theatrical season -- this time with an advertising budget!

August 2006: For my birthday this year, I went to Las Vegas. Hadn't been there since 1963.
It changed a bit.

Went primarily to see Bob Picardo and Ethan Phillips (see below) perform the first Star Trek Voyager stage show we wrote together "Doubles" at the 40th Anniversary Star Trek Convention.

It was a packed house and the peformance was, as usual, hysterically funny. And yes, once again Bob mispronounced my last name despite, he says, practicing it over and over just before the show.


It was odd having about 1500 Trek fans look at me and applauding all in the same room!


I wrote another STAR TREK VOYAGER stage show with Voyager actors Bob Picardo (the Doctor, pictured above left with me) and Ethan Phillips (Neelix).
Left photo is from the actual debut performance, March 26, 2004. at Grand Slam XII, one of the biggest annual Sci-Fi conventions in the country.

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend one of their performances.
As you could guess, it was absolutely hysterical-- especially when they went off script!
Doubles Poster
I co-wrote House Call with them about two years ago and they performed it at a number of Trek conventions, and it was very well received. They performed it again August 2006.
(Photo above right taken by and used with the very kind permission of Lisa Jimenez)