What I really want to do is direct. The old joke.

I didn't know I wanted to direct until just before I started doing it.  Now, after writing, it's my favorite function in the arts.  At age 19, I directed my first adult community musical.  At age 23, I directed my first "stars" (Van Johnson and Bobby Van) in a semi-Equity production.

I enjoy working with actors since I used to be one. I like forming the concept for the show and watching others help bring it to life.  And I love to watch audiences enjoy the results of the massive collaboration.

Yes, directing is incredibly rewarding.

And at the end of each performance, I don't have to remove makeup from my face.


(Click on the underlined shows to see photos)


A Funny Thing Happened


Leader of the Pack

Anything Goes




Golden Gates

The 1940's Radio Hour


The Good Doctor

Parlour Games

Damn Yankees

The Goodbye Girl

The Poptimists

A Day in Hollywood

Guys and Dolls

Roar of the Greasepaint                 

The Dining Room

Half a Sixpence


Dot You!

Heaven Can Wait


I Do, I Do!