(They're both me)

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Coronation from

Every composer has a dream project. Mine is to write a musical interpretation of the legend of King Arthur. This piece takes place shortly after Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone. It is Arthur's procession down the aisle toward the throne, where he will be officially crowned. So far, I only have three selections done in twenty years. Don't hold your breath for any others.

Title Theme
from CLUE

The spooky and humorous opening theme for a proposed musical stage version of CLUE I would someday like to write. It would also be the melody for the opening number, "Murder Tonight."

Any resemblance in style to the theme from the cartoon MILTON THE MONSTER is fondly intentional.

Chase Theme
from CLUE

Another large influence on my musical abilities and taste was Carl Stallings, who did most of the scores for the classic Warner Brothers cartoons.

In an homage to his style, this is the proposed music for a chase sequence in Act Two of the musical.