All music and lyrics by Ted Kopulos unless otherwise noted.

The Poptimists

(Unfinished Musical Comedy)

First Lullaby
One More Song

(Unfinished Musical Comedy)

What If?
Waiting on the Rich
Play Me a Waltz

(Various Projects, Parodies*, and Solo Songs)

Both Sides of the Fence
Come Back to Me
A Day in the Life
Do You Mind My Loving
Your Loving Me?
How Can I Say?
I Am Not a Carrot
I Just Can't Remember Your Nose
I'm Still in Love with You
It Was You
Just for You
Louisiana Lady
Marty Feldman Eyes*
Medfly California*
The Mourning Sky
The Next Time I Love You
A Part of My Life
Picolina Mia
Rain Today
Run for the Bonus*
San Francisco
Shelley's Song
Something Is Forever
Somewhere a Heart
Song for John
Song for Kate
Sonnet 42 (Music)
Tears for You
There's a Little Bit
of Roman in Us All
And There You Are
What a Fly Believes*
What You Mean to Me
Why Are You Here?
Wil You Be There for Me
Next Time?
The Years Go By
Younger Eyes
(Julie's Theme)